Help and Overview

For over thirty years, TMNA IS utilized Computer Training Solutions, Inc. (CTS) to play a coordinative role and be the central contact in the acquisition of software training. CTS has provided or coordinated software training for thousands of team members.

CTS can assist with all types of software training including desktop application software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access etc. and technical software such as CAD, Inventor, MS SQL Server, Power BI, Oracle and more. CTS contracts with a variety of computer training providers on a national and regional basis to provide the best options.

This service is still provided to all TMM supported sites that utilize the SAP Business Network (Ariba) and includes a simplified procedure to procure training. Purchase orders are issued to CTS through Ariba, and the vendor of your choice will be compensated by CTS.

Assistance or questions may be directed to:

Computer Training Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 859-277-1771

How to Obtain Training

Information may be requested for individual, group or onsite classes

You may request training either by:

  1. Contacting CTS (M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST) directly to assist you at 859-277-1771 or
  2. Using this portal site to search for class options, preferred providers and learning formats click here
  3. Contacting the provider of your choice from the list of preferred training providers click here

Choose class information either by:

  1. Select class outlines and then automatically request dates, rates and formats such as public or online classes
    • All preferred providers who offer the selected class will be listed
    • Select to receive class information from one or all providers via email
    • You have the choice of which provider to utilize based on your needs and options
  2. Contact one or more preferred providers directly and request information
  3. Request CTS to assist in class and provider selection at 859-277-1771 or
    • Request information and coordinate training on your behalf
    • Assist in matching needs with best options

Payment Process:

Each training PO is submitted though Ariba to Computer Training Solutions, Inc. and payment is issued by CTS to each specific training vendor on your behalf.

  1. Training vendor will request manager email approval for the class and cancellation policy.
  2. Manager simply needs to reply “I approve” to the training quote received from the training provider.
  3. Training vendor will request that manager submit a PO to Computer Training Solutions, Inc. through Ariba for the cost of the class.
  4. Training vendor will invoice CTS for training services and not TMNA directly.
  5. Specific reports of all training coordinated in this process may be requested by contacting CTS at 859-277-1771 or