Help and Overview

In order to streamline and improve the efficiency of Toyota Motor North America's (TMNA) computer-related training while simultaneously reducing costs, TMNA IS has implemented a common method for acquiring computer software training.

TMNA IS has established a relationship with Computer Training Solutions, Inc. (CTS) to play a coordinative role and to be the central contact in the acquisition of software training. Computer Training Solutions, Inc., has provided software training to several Toyota manufacturing locations for over 20 years and has provided excellent service.

CTS will coordinate all individual and group computer training for TMNA IS. The types of software included under this agreement include desktop application software such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access etc. and technical software such as CAD, Inventor, MS SQL Server, Power BI, Oracle and more. CTS is responsible for selecting a variety of computer training providers within a provider pool as well as overseeing negotiations, scheduling and training logistics with those providers. CTS will be our "One-Stop" window for our computer related training needs.

This service is provided to all TMNA supported sites and includes a simplified procedure to procure training. Prepayment will be made by CTS and charged back internally to the specified cost center.

If you have experienced outstanding service or training from any provider, this information should be forwarded to CTS. CTS will then coordinate with this provider in offering training services to TMNA.

Assistance or questions regarding this relationship may be directed to:
TMNA Software Training Coordination
Computer Training Solutions, Inc.
Phone: 800-262-1771

How to Obtain Training

Information may be requested for individual, group or onsite classes

You may request training either by:

  1. Contacting CTS (M-F 8:30 am – 5:30 pm EST) directly to assist you at 800-262-1771 or
  2. Using this portal site to search for class options, preferred providers and learning formats click here
  3. Contacting the provider of your choice from the list of preferred training providers click here

Choose class information either by:

  1. Select class outlines and then automatically request dates, rates and formats such as public or online classes
    • All preferred providers who offer the selected class will be listed (usually 5 – 10 options)
    • Select to receive class information from one or all providers via email
    • You have the choice of which provider to utilize based on your needs and options
  2. Contact one or more preferred providers directly and request information
  3. Request CTS to assist in class and provider selection at 800-262-1771 or
    • Request information and coordinate training on your behalf
    • Assist in matching needs with best options
    • Coordinate with and obtain class information from a provider that is currently not listed on this portal

Payment Process:

This is a simplified procedure to procure training and prepayment will be made by CTS and charged back internally to the specified cost center

  1. Training provider will request team member id#, cost center and manager email approval for the class and cancellation policy
  2. Manager simply needs to reply “I approve” to the training quote received from the training provider
  3. Team member information will be forwarded to CTS for verification. Once verified, a PO will be sent to the provider on behalf of the team member
  4. CTS, team member and manager will receive confirmation and details of training from provider
  5. Training provider will invoice CTS for training services and not TMNA directly
  6. Approximately one week following training, CTS will submit a report to TMNA IS
  7. TMNA IS will charge back the training amount internally to the team member cost center
  8. Specific reports of all training coordinated in this process may be requested by contacting CTS at 800-262-1771 or