Microsoft Windows SharePoint Designer (Level 1)

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Course Objective

You will use Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Designer 2010 to create and modify a SharePoint site.

Target Student

This course is intended for web designers and developers, application developers, SharePoint site owners, and other knowledge workers with SharePoint end-user         experience, who want to use SharePoint Designer to create and customize SharePoint sites, enhance the look and feel of a SharePoint site, and create dynamic pages using Web Parts and workflows.


To benefit from this course, you should have basic end-user with SharePoint and be familiar with the general structure and hierarchy of SharePoint sites. You can obtain this level of knowledge and skill by taking the following course: Recommended, though not required, are the following courses:

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:
  • identify the basic features of the SharePoint Designer environment.
  • create a new subsite.
  • add content to a web page.
  • use Cascading Style Sheets to format a SharePoint site.
  • link web pages.
  • add SharePoint components to the site.
  • automate business processes with workflows.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Getting Started with the SharePoint Designer Environment

Topic 1A: Identify SharePoint Designer Interface Components           
Topic 1B: Get Help in SharePoint Designer           
Topic 1C: Customize the SharePoint Designer Interface           

Lesson 2: Creating a Subsite

Topic 2A: Create a Blank Subsite           
Topic 2B: Create a Page Layout           
Topic 2C: Add Content to a Master Page           

Lesson 3: Adding Content to the Site

Topic 3A: Add and Format Text           
Topic 3B: Work with Tables           
Topic 3C: Work with Images           

Lesson 4: Formatting a Site with Cascading Style Sheets

Topic 4A: Create an External Style Sheet           
Topic 4B: Create Internal Styles           
Topic 4C: Modify External Style Sheets           

Lesson 5: Linking Web Pages

Topic 5A: Add Hyperlinks           
Topic 5B: Create a Hotspot           
Topic 5C: Create Bookmark Links           
Topic 5D: Open a Linked Page in a New Browser Window           

Lesson 6: Adding SharePoint Components to the Site

Topic 6A: Add Lists and Libraries to the Site           
Topic 6B: Add Web Parts to a Site           

Lesson 7: Automating Business Processes with Workflows

Topic 7A: Create a Workflow           
Topic 7B: Modify a Workflow