Microsoft Windows SharePoint Designer (Level 2)

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About this Course

You will extend a SharePoint site by including server-side controls and administer a SharePoint site.

Audience Profile

This course is intended for entry-level SharePoint solution developers who are currently capable of creating basic SharePoint sites using the out-of-the-box       functionality provided by the built-in SharePoint Designer templates, and who now want to extend or create SharePoint sites with functionality by incorporating         server web controls, data controls, customized workflows, and administration.

At Course Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • provide user interactivity to their websites using ASP.NET forms.
  • implement custom content types.
  • integrate SharePoint sites with other data sources.
  • manipulate external data sources.
  • implement advanced data integration techniques.
  • create different types of workflows.
  • administer a SharePoint site using administration tools in SharePoint Designer 2010.


To ensure your success in this course, you should be able to create basic SharePoint sites using existing SharePoint Designer templates. You can attain this level of skill and knowledge by taking the Microsoft® Windows® SharePoint® Designer 2010: Level 1  course prior to this course.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Working with ASP.NET Forms

Topic 1A: Create an ASP.NET Form          
Topic 1B: Modify Form Control Properties          
Topic 1C: Validate Inputs          

Lesson 2: Implementing Custom Content Types

Topic 2A: Create Custom Content Types          
Topic 2B: Add Custom Content Types to a List          

Lesson 3: Integrating SharePoint Sites with Data Sources

Topic 3A: Access a Data Source          
Topic 3B: Manipulate the Data in Data View          

Lesson 4: Manipulating External Data Sources

Topic 4A: Create External Content Types          
Topic 4B: Create an External List          

Lesson 5: Implementing Advanced Data Integration Using SharePoint Designer 2010             

Topic 5A: Display Data from a Linked Data Source in a Data View          
Topic 5B: Deploy Web Services          
Topic 5C: Manage Web Part Zones          
Topic 5D: Display XML Data with XSLT          

Lesson 6: Creating Workflows

Topic 6A: Create a Site Workflow          
Topic 6B: Create a Reusable Workflow          

Lesson 7: Administering a SharePoint Site Using SharePoint Designer 2010             

Topic 7A: Manage Permissions for SharePoint Designer 2010          
Topic 7B: Save a Customized Site as a SharePoint Site Template