InfoPath forms and SharePoint Designer Workflows (MA-1080)

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About this Course

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 provides a wealth of services that you can use, customize, and extend to augment and streamline your business processes. This 2 day instructor-led course covers these features and teaches you how to build on them to create business solutions. This course gets you started with the built-in capabilities of MOSS and shows you how to customize them using SharePoint Designer and InfoPath forms.

Audience Profile

This course is designed for the SharePoint Power User looking to enhance the business experience on their SharePoint site using SharePoint Designer workflows.


This course assumes a basic level of familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as a platform and an understanding of:

  •   Site Collections
  •   Sites
  •   Lists and Libraries
  •   Features
  •   Site Definitions
  •   Solution Package

You should also have basic Web development skills using Visual Studio and ASP.NET

Course Outline

Out-Of-The-Box Business Process Automation

  •   Pre-Class Installation Instructions
  •   Business Process Automation (BPA)
  •   Using SharePoint for BPA
  •   Using SharePoint Lists
  •   Creating and Using Alerts
  •   Active Alerts in SharePoint
  •   Passive Alerts in SharePoint
  •   Using Out-of-the-Box Workflows
  •   Approval Workflow
  •   Three-State Workflow
  •   Collect Feedback
  •   Collect Signatures
  •   Disposition Approval
  •   Modifying Running Workflows

Lab 1:  Out-Of-The-Box Business Process Automation

  •   Lab 1 Overview
  •   Create a Custom List to Track Project Expenses
  •   Configure a Three-State Workflow

SharePoint Designer Workflows

  •   Pre-Class Installation Instructions
  •   SharePoint Workflow Features
  •   SharePoint Designer Workflows
  •   Creating Workflows in SharePoint Designer
  •   Workflow Events, Actions, Conditions, and Steps
  •   Workflow Variables and Forms
  •   Workflow Variables
  •   Workflow Forms
  •   Integrating SharePoint Designer Workflows with Visio
  •   Creating Reusable and Site Workflows

Lab 2:  SharePoint Designer Workflows

  •   Lab 2 Overview
  •   Create a Document Approval Workflow

Working with SharePoint Designer and Custom ASP.Net Forms

  •   Pre-Class Installation Instructions
  •   Working with SharePoint Lists
  •   Standard List Forms
  •   Web Parts for Views and Forms
  •   Modifying Default List Forms
  •   Creating Custom List Forms
  •   Creating Custom Applications in SharePoint Designer
  •   Data Form Web Part
  •   Enhancing Data Views with ASP.NET Controls

Lab 3:  Working with SharePoint Designer and Custom ASP.NET Forms

  •   Lab 3 Overview
  •   Create a Custom List Form
  •   Create a Custom New Item Form

Using Infopath Forms with SharePoint

  •   Pre-Class Installation Instructions
  •   InfoPath Basics
  •   Components of InfoPath
  •   Features of InfoPath
  •   Getting Started with InfoPath
  •   InfoPath Design Tools
  •   Data Connections
  •   Using Data Connection Libraries
  •   Form Publishing Options
  •   InfoPath Forms Services

Lab 4:  Using Infopath Forms with SharePoint

  •   Lab 4 Overview
  •   Create a Help Desk Form
  •   Create a Data Connection
  •   Publish the Help Desk Form to SharePoint