Crystal Reports: Part I - Fundamentals of Report Design

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About this Course

Participants will gain the fundamentals of report design. Participants will acquire the basis for more advanced courses in the SAP BI curriculum.

Audience Profile

  • Business Analysts
  • Report Writers
  • Report Designers
  • Application Developers
  • BI System Administrators


  • Essential: None
  • Recommended: Basic knowledge of database concepts

Course Outline

Unit 1: Planning a Report

  • Defining Database Concepts
  • Planning and Developing a Report Prototype

Unit 2: Creating a Report

  • Creating a Report
  • Adding Tables
  • Design Environment
  • Inserting Objects on a Report
  • Previewing a Report
  • Saving a Report.
  • Positioning and Sizing Objects
  • Formatting Objects

Unit 3: Selecting Records

  • Select Expert
  • Determining the Criteria for Record Selection
  • Saved versus Refreshed Data
  • Applying Record Selection
  • Setting Additional Criteria
  • Modifying Record Selection
  • Applying Time-Based Record Selection

Unit 4: Organizing Data on a Report

  • Sorting Records
  • Grouping Records
  • Creating Nested and Multiple Groups
  • Adding a Specified Order Group
  • Grouping on Time-Based Data
  • Creating a Grand Total
  • Summarizing Data

Unit 5: Formatting a Report

  • Adding Graphical Elements
  • Applying Specialized Formatting
  • Combining Text Objects with Database Fields
  • Inserting Fields with Pre-Built Functions

Unit 6: Applying Section Formatting

  • Formatting Sections
  • Creating Summary Reports

Unit 7: Creating Basic Formulas

  • Defining a Formula
  • Creating Formulas
  • Applying an If-Then-Else Formula
  • Applying Boolean Formulas
  • Applying Date Calculations
  • Applying Numeric Calculations
  • Applying String Manipulation

Unit 8: Applying Conditional Reporting

  • Formatting Data Conditionally
  • Adding Key Performance Indicators

Unit 9: Representing Data Visually

  • Creating a Chart
  • Charting on Details or Formula Information
  • Customizing a Chart

Unit 10: Distributing a Report

  • Exporting a Report
  • Saving to SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform