BusinessObjects Data Integrator 4.0: Core Concepts for Andrews Consulting Rapid Decisions Users

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The RapidDecision pre-built data warehouse software from Andrews Consulting Group utilizes Business Objects Data Services 4.0 (Data Integrator) to manage and facilitate critical elements of the RapidDecision data structure. RapidDecision users will learn how to administer and operate SAP Business Objects Data Integrator in a production RapidDecision CDC environment. Content will include creating, executing, and troubleshooting batch jobs, using functions, scripts and transforms to change the structure and formatting of data, handling errors, setting up a replication schema, capturing changes in replicated data, and an overview of the RapidDecision batch job stream methodology.

Course Audience

This course is designed exclusively for RapidDecisions customers responsible for implementing, administering, and managing data integration projects.

Prerequisite Knowledge/Experience

To be successful, participants should have experience with the following:
  • Knowledge of data warehousing and ETL concepts
  • Experience with MySQL and SQL language
  • Experience using functions, elementary procedural programming and flow-of-control statements such as If-Then-Else, and While Loop statements
  • Knowledge of Data Warehouse Architecture and Modeling fundamentals.

Course Topics

Describing Data Services

  • Describe the purpose of Data Services
  • Describe Data Services architecture
  • Define Data Services objects

Defining Source and Target Metadata

  • Datastores in Data Services
  • Data Services system configurations
  • Flat file formats
  • Excel file formats

Creating Batch Jobs

  • Work with objects
  • Create a data flow
  • Use the Query transform
  • Use target tables
  • Execute the job

Troubleshooting Batch Jobs

  • Setting Traces and adding annotations
  • Using the Interactive Debugger
  • Configuring and using the Audit features

Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables

  • Using the built-in functions
  • Using the Map Operations transform
  • Using the Validation transform
  • Using the Merge transform
  • Using the Case transform
  • Using the SQL transform

Setting Up Error Handling

  • Set up recoverable work flows

Using Data Integrator Transforms

  • Describe the Data Integrator transforms
  • Use the Pivot transform
  • Describe performance optimization
  • Use the Data Transfer transform

Data Integrator & CDC via Replication Services

  • Overview of Replication Services in MS SQL Server
  • Replication CDC in Business Objects Data Integrator
  • Configuring replication in CDC in Business Objects Data Integrator
  • Job Execution of replication CDC

Using the Administrator Services

  • Management administrator services
  • Metadata reporting: impact / lineage analysis
  • Metadata reporting: auto documentation
  • Using the operational dashboard
  • Using data validation reports