Adobe CS6 Photoshop Introduction

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About this Course

Learn what the pros use! Adobe® Photoshop® is the standard for image-editing software. Understanding the different tools and features available in this program will help you maximize your ability to create and edit digital images and learn retouching, color correcting, image enhancement and compositing.

Audience Profile

This course is designed to cover the basic image editing features of Adobe Photoshop.  It is also designed as one in a series of courses for students pursuing the Adobe Certification Exam for Adobe Photoshop. Anyone responsible for graphics or web production will find this class indispensable. Additionally, photography enthusiasts, Power Point presenters, or anyone involved in using images will gain helpful insights and design and production tips.

Course Content

During this course, students will:

  •   Explore the Photoshop interface.
  •   Learn basic masking techniques.
  •   Retouching techniques and the use of layers.
  •   Learn to apply layer effects and filters to create special effects.
  •   Learn to use painting tools and blending modes to create shading effects.
  •   Save images in print and web formats.


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with:

  •   The basic functions of their computer's operating system, such as creating folders, launching programs, and working with windows.
  •   They should also have basic Windows application skills, such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text, saving files, etc.

Course Outline

Get aquainted with the Photoshop workspace - veiws, panels and workspace layouts

  •   Navigate a document with zooming, panning and the Navigator panel
  •   Using the History panel to undo actions
  •   Image resolution and size
  •   Using camera raw to adjust color, contrast and reduce noise
  •   Crop and straighten images
  •   Adjust images with the dodge, burn and sponge tools
  •   Retouch images with the healing brushes and clone stamp tools
  •   Sharpening images
  •   Selection techniques with the marquee, lasso, quick select and masking tools
  •   Scaling, rotating and moving selections
  •   Organizing artwork in layers
  •   Blending modes and layer styles
  •   Processing camera raw files
  •   Create High Dynamic Range (HDR) images
  •   Improve digital photos by removing noise, red eye, dark shadows and lens distortion
  •   Mask complex edge