Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) Train the Trainer Course

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This 2 day course prepares participants for their Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) exam.


This course is for participants that want to obtain their MCT- and be a trainer themselves!

This course will prepare participants to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer!

Train the Trainer Outline

  • Introduction

  • Preparation

Planning Prior to the Course

    1. Preparing for Class - Logical Approach to Training
    2. Needs assessment
    3. Training Objectives
    4. Preparation Checklist
  •  Adult Learning

Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

    1. Adult learning
    2. Delivery techniques
    3. Using Visual Aids
  •  Concept vs. Procedure
  •  Concept Delivery
  •  Presentation Skills

Instructor Credibility and Communication

    1. Presentation Skills
    2. Body language
    3. Proxemics (use of space)
    4. Developing your voice
    5. Vocabulary
  •  Classroom Management

Group Facilitation

    1. Linking
    2. Questioning
    3. Ending the training
    4. Classroom management
  •  Burnout

  •  Evaluation/Growth

Evaluate the Training Event

    1. Feedback
    2. Evaluation
    3. Three-levels of evaluation
    4. Burnout
  •  Appendix A: Media in the Classroom

  •  Appendix B: Additional Activities

  •  Appendix C: Miscellaneous