Adobe CS6 Photoshop Basic/Intermediate

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About this Course

Photoshop CS6: Basic/Intermediate, ACE Edition, is part of a three-day course ILT series that will help students prepare for the Adobe Certified Expert exam for Photoshop CS6. In this 2 day instructor-led course students will modify digital images to add creative effects and repair defects.  In addition students will learn techniques for preparing consistent, high-quality images for both print and electronic media. After completing this course, the student will be able to use Photoshop CS6 to make selections, create and transform layers, apply image adjustments, retouch and repair photographs, resize images, use Adobe Bridge to view and organize files, work with camera raw images and automate actions, create panoramas and HDR images as well as simulate effects used in photography, apply color management and print with color management, prepare CMYK color separations, optimize images for online use, and create frame-based and video animations.

Audience Profile

This course is designed to cover the basic image editing features of Adobe Photoshop.  It is also designed as one in a series of courses for students pursuing the Adobe Certification Exam for Adobe Photoshop. Anyone responsible for graphics or web production will find this class indispensable.

Additionally, photography enthusiasts, Power Point presenters, or anyone involved in using images will gain helpful insights and design and production tips.


Before taking this course, students should be familiar with:

  • The basic functions of their computer's operating system, such as creating folders, launching programs, and working with windows.
  • They should also have basic Windows application skills, such as copying and pasting objects, formatting text, saving files, etc.

Course Outline

Unit 1: Getting started

  • Topic A: File types
  • Topic B: The Photoshop environment
  • Topic C: Tool options and presets

Unit 2: Image selections

  • Topic A: Selection techniques
  • Topic B: Modifying selections

Unit 3: Layers

  • Topic A: Creating layers
  • Topic B: Transform controls
  • Topic C: Using type layers
  • Topic D: Creating paragraph styles

Unit 4: Basic image adjustments

  • Topic A: Levels adjustments
  • Topic B: Curves adjustments

Unit 5: Repairing and retouching images

  • Topic A: Repairing image defects
  • Topic B: Retouching images
  • Topic C: Removing image areas
  • Topic D: Painting
  • Topic E: Using filters

Unit 6: Resizing images

  • Topic A: Image resolution
  • Topic B: Image canvas size

Unit 7: Managing files with Adobe Bridge

  • Topic A: Browsing files in Adobe Bridge
  • Topic B: Working with metadata
  • Topic C: Organizing collections
  • Topic D: Outputting projects

Unit 8: Camera Raw and batch processing

  • Topic A: Basic Camera Raw adjustments
  • Topic B: Selective Camera Raw corrections
  • Topic C: Batch processing in Camera Raw
  • Topic D: Automation in Photoshop and Bridge

Unit 9: Photographic techniques

  • Topic A: Panoramas
  • Topic B: HDR images
  • Topic C: Photographic adjustments
  • Topic D: Lens adjustments

Unit 10: Color management

  • Topic A: Color management basics
  • Topic B: Color space conversion
  • Topic C: Printing with color management

Unit 11: CMYK separations

  • Topic A: Prepress color settings
  • Topic B: CMYK image adjustments

Unit 12: Web images

  • Topic A: Optimizing images for the Web
  • Topic B: Creating transparency
  • Topic C: Creating frame-based animation

Unit 6: Timeline animation

  • Topic A: Working with video in Photoshop
  • Topic B: Editing video clips
  • Topic C: Video transitions
  • Topic D: Video design elements
  • Topic E: Publishing video

Appendix A: ACE exam objectives map

  • Topic A: Comprehensive exam objectives