Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Advanced

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About this Course

The Adobe Dreamweaver advanced course takes students through more advanced features of creating a web site.

Audience Profile

Anyone looking to expand their Dreamweaver skills to work more efficiently and make their websites interactive and dynamic.

At Course Completion

Upon completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Learn how to use forms, Flash elements and data driven pages to create a more interactive and dynamic experience for their web viewers.


Dreamweaver Basic or equivalent knowledge.

Course Outline

  • Add interactivity with Spry Widgets and Dreamweaver Behaviors
  • Insert FLV video
  • Insert Flash animation
  • Create a form to collect user information and process email contcts
  • Use Spry form widgets to validate forms
  • Style a form with CSS styles
  • Work with online data to create dynamic pages
  • Setup a testing server
  • Use Spry data sets to display HTML and XML data
  • Database design basics
  • Connect to a MySQL database
  • Create recordsets and display the data to a page
  • Create a master detail page
  • Write records to a database using an online form
  • Work more efficiently in code view
  • Use Live Code View and Code Navigator
  • Use the Related Files interface to open and edit related files
  • Define a remote site and use Dreamweaver’s FTP to upload and download files from the web
  • Cloak files on the remote site
  • Syncronize site files