SAP BusinessObjects v3.x Integration Kit for SAP Business Warehouse BW (BO100)

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About this Course

This course is designed to give you the comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge needed to integrate SAP BusinessObjects (SBO) reporting tools with SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP BW).  During this course, you will learn to set up the SBO Integration Kit to enable reporting with SBO Business Intelligence solutions on data from SAP components, SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP).  You will use Web Intelligence on SAP BW, create OLAP Universes on SAP BW, define analyses on SAP ERP and SAP BW with Crystal Reports, and learn how to use Voyager and Xcelsius with SAP BW. In addition, you will explore the security aspects, connectivity troubleshooting and integration into the SAP Enterprise Portal.

Audience Profile

  • Solution and technical consultants
  • Administrators
  • Project team members
  • System integrators

At Course Completion

After taking this course, you will be able to efficiently and effectively manage the integration of SBO Business Intelligence solutions with SAP BW and SAP ERP and design your own reports and analyses.


Course Outline

  • BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP-components
  • SAP Connectivity Overview
  • Installation of the BusinessObjects Integration Kit for SAP
  • Query and Adhoc Reporting with Web Intelligence on BW
  • OLAP Universes SAP BW
  • Crystal Reports and SAP R/3 Data Sources
  • Crystal Reports and SAP BW
  • Voyager with SAP BW
  • Xcelsius with Live Office on SAP BW
  • Xcelsius with Query as a Web Service (QaaWS) on SAP BW
  • SAP Security Integration and Creating Publications
  • Integration with SAP Enterprise Portal
  • Troubleshooting the SAP Connectivity