SharePoint Workflows for Developers (MA-1081)

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About this Course

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 provides a wealth of services that you can use, customize, and extend to augment and streamline your business processes. 

This 2 day instructor-led course covers these features and teaches you how to build on them to create business solutions.

You will learn how to:

  • Create custom forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath
  • Build custom workflows in SharePoint using Visual Studio and the Windows Workflow Foundation.

This class covers sequential workflows, state machines, tasks, and custom workflow forms using both ASP.NET and InfoPath.

Audience Profile

This course is designed for the SharePoint Developer looking to enhance the business experience on their SharePoint site using workflows created using SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio.


This course assumes a basic level of familiarity with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 as a platform and an understanding of:

  • Site Collections
  • Sites
  • Lists and Libraries
  • Features
  • Site Definitions
  • Solution Package

As a SharePoint developer you also need to know SharePoint Designer workflows and InfoPath. We highly recommend that you attend MS-1080 prior to attending this class

You should also have C# ASP.NET Web development skills and SharePoint development experience (see MS-10175) using Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET

Course Outline

Custom Workflows and The SharePoint Object Model

  • Pre-Class Installation Instructions 
  • SharePoint as a Workflow Platform 
  • Common Uses and Capabilities 
  • Basic Collaboration Items 
  • Two Types of SharePoint Workflows 
  • User Interface Options 
  • SharePoint Workflow Fundamentals 
  • Creating Workflow Associations 
  • Using the SharePoint Object Model 
  • Using the SharePoint Client Object Model 
  • Starting a Workflow Instance 
  • Workflow Initiation Objects 
  • Collecting Data when a Workflow Starts 
  • Using Association and Initiation Data

Lab 5:  Custom WorkFlows and The SharePoint Object Model

  • Lab 5 Overview 
  • Create a Simple Workflow Associate the Workflow in Code 
  • Start the Workflow in Code 

Visual Studio 2010 Workflow Development Basics

  • Pre-Class Installation Instructions 
  • Build Workflows with Windows Workflow Foundation 
  • Code-Based Workflow Elements
  • Binding Properties to Activities 
  • Flow of Control 
  • Rules and Conditions 
  • Sequential Workflows
  • State Machine Workflows 
  • Faults and Canceled Workflows 
  • Handling Workflow Exceptions 
  • Handling Canceled Workflows 
  • SharePoint Activities 
  • Debugging Workflows 

Lab 6:  Visual Studio 2010 Workflow Development Basics 

  • Lab 6 Overview 
  • Create a Sequential Workflow 
  • Create a State Machine Workflow 

Workflow Tasks 

  • Pre-Class Installation Instructions 
  • Task Basics 
  • Typical Flow 
  • Task Activities 
  • Connecting Related Tasks 
  • The Correlation Service 
  • Selecting the Appropriate Correlation Token 
  • Setting OwnerActivityName 
  • Tasks in State Machine Workflows 
  • Using Custom Task Types 
  • Content Types 
  • WorkflowTask Type 
  • Setting the Default Task Type 
  • CreateTaskWithContentType Activity 
  • Task Properties 
  • Reading and Writing Values 

Lab 7:  Workflow Tasks 

  • Lab 7 Overview 
  • Create a Sequential Workflow with Task Activities 

Workflow Forms 

  • Pre-Class Installation Instructions 
  • Form Basics 
  • InfoPath and ASP.NET 
  • InfoPath Workflow Forms versus ASP.NET Workflow Forms 
  • XML Serialization:InfoPath 
  • XML Serialization – ASP.NET 
  • Association Forms 
  • InfoPath Feature XML 
  • Initiation Forms 
  • InfoPath Feature XML 
  • Task Forms 
  • Feature Manifest 
  • Element Manifest 
  • Task Properties 
  • Passing Data to a Task Form 

Lab 8:  Workflow Forms

  • Lab 8 Overview 
  • Create an ASP.NET Association Form 
  • Create an ASP.NET Initiation Form