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About this Course

This course enables you to implement and maintain SAP BW powered by SAP HANA and outlines advantages of the new "In-Memory" Solution with SAP BW. It explains HANA specific or optimized elements and aspects of SAP BW. With introducing a new Layered Scalable Architecture (LSA++).you will familiarize with a HANA optimized data modeling approach on SAP BW.

Audience Profile

Consultants and customer project team members that are implementing and maintain SAP BW powered by SAP HANA



  • Good knowledge of data modeling with SAP BW 7.3
  • BW310
  • BW330


  • DBW73

Course Outline

1. Introduction

  • SAP HANA basics
  • SAP NetWeaver BW 7.4

2. Installation, Upgrade, and Migration - Overview

  • Migration to SAP NetWeaver BW powered by SAP HANA – Best Practice
  • Optimizing Data Management - Non active data concept – Near Line Storage (NLS)

3. Business Scenario Implementation

  • Warm up: From LSA (Layered Scalable Architecture) to LSA++
  • The Functional and Integration Modeling approach– context
  • SAP HANA BW Open ODS field-based modeling – open functions and scalable integration
  • Incremental LSA++ for a common Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)
  • Other features for SAP BW 7.4 powered by SAP HANA
  • Optimized data model for BW InfoProvider
  • The Virtual Layer concept (TransientProvider, VirtualProvider, CompositeProvider) - Publishing of SAP HANA models to Analytical Indexes
  • HANA as source system via DB Connect
  • SLT as an source system
  • BW Workspace
  • Automatic generation of HANA models (mixed scenarios)
  • Operational Data Provisioning – The new Delta Queue
  • BW optimized content for HANA (New Business Content)
  • InfoObject modeling (more than 60 characters)
  • HANA Analysis Process (Execute HANA-native functions directly on BW InfoProvider)
  • Analytic Manager (The OLAP compiler for HANA)
  • BW Integrated Planning
  • Enhanced mobile enablement
  • Authorization
  • Outlook - Product Roadmap Overview