Upgrading to the SAP BI Information Design Tool v4.1 for Universe Designers

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About this Course

This hands-on workshop will address the key upgrades and data management and security considerations in the new .UNX Universe layer.

While SAP BusinessObjects universes remain an integral part of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform, there is a new tool used to create them—the Information Design Tool. This tool provides many enhancements to the universe development and maintenance processes that did not exist with the Designer application. While the overall universe development process has not changed significantly, this expanded hands-on workshop has been designed to feature the unique aspects of the Information Design Tool and familiarize you with its robust functionality.

Note: Staff who are new to the Universe design process are encouraged to take SAP Course BOID10 rather than this upgrade workshop.


Participants should have considerable experience using the Universe Designer tool from BusinessObjects Version 3.x or 4.0.

Course Outline

1. What is familiar in the new Information Design Tool?

2. What is new?

  • File extension
  • Universe Components
  • Project
  • Data Foundations
  • Business Layer
  • Testing
  • Listing of Values
  • Parameters
  • @Execution Function
  • Calculated Columns
  • Multisource Universes
  • Federated Tables
  • Conclusions

3. Administration considerations

4. Security considerations

As time permits, the workshop may also address topics of interest to the audience and may include select advanced Universe design skills.