Microsoft Excel Half-Day (Level 2)

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About this Course

Tandem Solution offers a special half-day course for students who cannot spend an entire day away from work.  This compact course covers 4 lessons that our instructor considers to be most beneficial to students.

This half day instructor-led course will teach students how to work with large worksheets in Microsoft Excel 2013, and use multiple worksheets and workbooks efficiently. It will show them how to create advanced formulas, analyze data with logical and lookup functions, organize data with tables, and visualizing data with charts.

Audience Profile

This course is designed for individuals who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Excel 2013 and are ready to advance their data analysis skills and abilities through the application of advanced Excel 2013 functionality such as advanced formula creation, tables, charts, PivotTables and PivotCharts.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Creating Advanced Formulas

  • Apply Range Names
  • Use Specialized Functions

Lesson 2: Analyzing Data with Logical and Lookup Functions

  • Working with Logical Functions
  • Combining IF and AND Functions
  • Working with LOOKUP Functions

Lesson 3: Organizing Data with Tables

  • Create and Modify Tables
  • Sort and Filter Table Data
  • Using Subtotals with Range Data

Lesson 4: Visualizing Data with Charts

  • Create and Modify Charts
  • Create a Trendline
  • Create Advanced Charts


Lesson 5: Analyzing Data with PivotTables

  • Create a PivotTable
  • Filter Data using Slicers