Delta Workshop for SAP BI Web Intelligence version 4.2 (BOW555)

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About this Course

This workshop for existing Web Intelligence report writers and BI content developers will update skills of those seeking to take advantage of the new features and functionality of SAP BI version 4.2.

Participants will be guided through an overview of the SAP BIP v4.2 tools and will be provided multiple opportunities to create real world reports using the improved and new software features.

Course Outline

New Report Functionality

  • Geo Mapping Charts – Adding geographic visualizations has now come to Web Intelligence. Students will learn the best methods and ways to use these new features
  • Shared Elements – Reuse your Web Intelligence formulas, visualizations and tables between reports and documents. With this new feature students will be able to create their own libraries of Webi components to share between themselves.
  • Report Commentary - Having a discussion about a report can now be done within a Web Intelligence document. Learn how threaded comments can be created within a document for developing a conversion in the report.
  • Decimal Floating Point Numbers – Web Intelligence numbers will better support scientific numbering patterns while still supporting currency types. Students will learn the best practices in using the new number types as well has how they compare to the current types.

New Development Features

  • Free Hand SQL Queries – Web Intelligence supports full free hand SQL. You will be able to type or cut and paste your own SQL statements into Web Intelligence queries. Reuse your SQL without the need of a universe.
  • Parallel Queries – Web Intelligence queries will be able to run it parallel to the underlying data source. Students will learn the best practices with structuring their queries to take advantage of this feature.
  • Visualization Extensions – Add more functionality to Web Intelligence with the use of custom elements. With this extension a student will build their own visualizations to be included in their reports.
  • SAP HANA Connections – Direct connections to SAP HANA Views and Hierarchies to query data. Students will learn how no universe connection will be required and how the connection is configured.